Vagelis Stefanopoulos Ensemble

"...a collection of truly beautiful music with memorable melodies,

rich harmonies, orchestration, and intricate writing."

Freddie Bryant - Guitarist, composer,

professor at Berklee College of Music



Vagelis Stefanopoulos devoted himself to music from a very young age studying piano, violin, composition and self tought in electric guitar. He later on went to study classical piano performance under Yonty Solomon at Trinity College of Music in London UK.


He has played dozens of festivals and venues including Idyllwild Arts (California), Mama Jazz (Lithuania), Amsec (Austria), Technopolis (Athens), Jazzablanca (Morocco)  and has played in jazz clubs in Switzerland, South Africa, Cuba, USA and almost every significant venue in Greece and Cyprus. 


His work is not only limited into Jazz and improvised music performance but has contributed into numerous projects as a producer and arranger. 


Over the last few years Vagelis has been touring and gigging on a weekly basis with a side project called “Scrap Music” teaming up with various musicians from all genres. The concept of Scrap Music is based on the use of a loop station which allows the creation of arrangements and compositions on the spot with out any preconceived forms or rehearsals. The project stands out as a real and honest act that has been attracting a steady following and was recently featured in a state television show devoted to Jazz and creative music.


Some of the names that Stefanopoulos has contributed with in one way or another include JD Walter (USA), Dave de Rose (UK), Femi Temowo (UK), Kelly Lee Evans (Canada), Debora J. Carter (Holland), Viktorija Pilatovics (Lithuania), Lina Sleibi (Palestine), John Keating (Ireland) and local star musicians Mike Kapilides, David Lynch, Stavros Lantsias, George Kontrafouris and many many others.


Vagelis Stefanopoulos Trio

"'s like Ahmad Jamal jamming on a theme of F. Chopin."


"Extremely melodic music with explosive polyrhythms..."

 Jazz & Jazz magazine

Trio yard
Live w/ JD Walter
Trio Lift

Singularity Project

The Singularity Project is a modern jazz quintet hosted by pianist and composer Vagelis Stefanopoulos and is made up of a soulful team of musicians from Greece, Nigeria, Cuba and the USA. 

Inspired by jazz of both northern and southern Europe, African, and other contemporary styles of music, Singularity enlists an impressive variety of poly-rhythms and harmonies while remaining lyrical, punchy and obsessively in the groove.


Scrap Music

Scrap Music is a musical concept that revolves around improvised live looping of guitars, synths and keyboards usually partnered with live drumming and/or other instruments.  



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